Executive Search Plus

CAREER PLUS professional and executive-level research combines in-depth industry and technical expertise to provide talented recruits for your organization. Our capabilities include providing the right candidate from any country to be deployed in any GCC country CAREER PLUS is committed to providing highly qualified professionals, CEOs, and C-level business leaders, considering providing our customers with unparalleled flexibility and added-value services Market Mapping Salary Surveys Overseas Recruitment Our Teams identify the relevant companies whose personnel are likely to add value to your team. We scrutinize lists of names and spot the suitable candidates who may fit well for the available vacancy. As leaders in the recruitment industry in the GCC, CAREER PLUS is well aware of salary trends in the market across all types of positions. We ensure that our team is well-acquainted with ongoing market practices based on the periodic surveys we conduct and other informal channels. CAREER PLUS Executive Team is equipped with the correct information and knowledge to search for the relevant candidates anywhere. Moreover, we have qualified specialists and teams to organize overseas recruitment campaigns Professional Recruitment Officers Employer Value Proposition VP Assessment Dealing with specialized recruiters proved to enjoy the genuine and trustworthy experience in your We create shortlists and identify candidates who could be an added business requirements CAREER PLUS assesses potential candi value to your organization and the culture it represents dates based on their competency and skills following conducting interviews that focus on using top-notch technology, case studies, and psychological testing.