PRO Plus

In this part of the world, the term “company authorized representative services” refers to a professional position dedicated to coordinate between an organization and government authorities and entities to process legal documents and paperwork of the company and its employees Each company needs a professional PRO. A service to support them in filing and providing the proper documents. This would save the company time and effort by fulfilling the law requirements By utilizing the PRO services of CAREER PLUS affiliates in Abu Dhabi, your company could focus on strategic initiatives that best serve its interest, while CAREER PLUS takes care of the PRO function Our team of experts has a solid knowledge of UAE Labor Law and expertise to craft customized solutions for your business Features: savings in operational costs 60% Procedures consistent with the law

  • Comprehensive range of public relations services
  • Save on subscription fees and expenses

Issuing and Renewal of commercial and industrial Establishment of Companies license government approvals and no-objection certificates from ministries Submit and follow-up applications to issue and renew work visas and permits Submit visa requests and amendments Update and renew labor cards Medical tests reports and applications Certifying documents and notarization services Legal translation services into Arabic Free zone Submit and follow-up applications to issue new Emirati IDs and renewals letters requests Approvals from government authorities